Our Mission

Hope Water International (HWI) was launched in 2017 from Hope Water Project (HWP) as an effort to have a wider reach and impact on individuals, churches and organizations to help provide access to clean water worldwide. We believe that clean water not only saves lives but creates life.

2017 Impact

19: The number of wells funded.  Providing people with this fundamental need allows them to cultivate a more sustainable life.

23,000+: The number of individuals that now have access to clean drinking water in Africa. Providing people with this fundamental need allows them to cultivate a more sustainable life.

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This was the amount of money that we were able to raise in our inaugural year. We could never have accomplished this without the efforts of all our hard-working fundraising partners that participated in a race and ran, walked and dragged themselves across the many finish lines.

Since 2000, 1.4 billion people have gained access to basic drinking water services.

Kenya 12.44.57 pm


Number of wells: 7
Cost per well: $25,000
Kenya total: $175,000

Partner: Pokot Outreach Ministry (POM)

This isn't just dry numbers, but 14,000 people in Kenya now have access to clean water because of the $175,000 raised! These wells only cost about $12 per person, a small cost for providing these communities with hope and the potential to cultivate their true potential.

Sierra leone 12.44.57 pm

Sierra Leone

Number of wells: 12
Cost per well: $10,000
Sierra Leone total: $120,000

Partner: World Hope International (WHI)

Those 12 wells are providing 9,000 individuals a basic human necessity of water. For only $13 per person, many no longer have to walk hours each day to have access to clean water in Sierra Leone. This life changing amount of $13 is the equivalent of 3 trips to the neighborhood coffee shop for many in America.

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Fundraiser Facts

Race participants for 2017: 410
Race participants that fundraised in 2017: 267
Campaigns: 12
Total teams: 8
The power of the people: $436,000 was raised by 267 individuals

Spot 55 girl at well 5 cropped 12.44.57 pm

Thank you for partnering with Hope Water International in 2017 to make a lasting impact in Kenya and Sierra Leone. At Hope Water International, the project does not end with the completion of a well. We believe as faithful servants of the Gospel, we must create sustainable projects by equipping local churches, partners and third-party evaluators so that the wells are maintained long after we leave.

We are excited to see what 2018 has in store for Hope Water International.

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Well done, my good and faithful servant.