Campaign: 2020 Walt Disney World Marathon
Team: 2019 MI - Disney

 Burg Family

Well, this training year so far has flown by! For 2019, I completed the Dopey Challenge, CRIM 10 mile, Brooksie Way Half Marathon, Detroit Marathon and a new challenge- a 50k ultra-marathon! It was an event full of excitement and nervousness where I had to relying on all my training, my running family, support from all of you and God to carry me through.
I still have my primary event planned for this year- the Dopey Challenge in January of 2020- while Madelyn is running the Disney Kids Race.
As much as I love running (and eating) I don't do all this for myself- I do it for the women and children in Africa, who walk long distances to get access to water- dirty water that can make them sick, suffer miscarriages and in some cases, lead to death. I'm doing the running, and I'm asking for your support- whether it's financially, training or simply a prayer. Every dollar you give goes to clean water for our brothers and sisters in Africa, and every prayer or thoughtful comment keeps me on mission for the purpose. Together, we can do this- and make a difference!