Campaign: 2020 Walt Disney World Marathon

Maribeth Mateo

5K - 10K - Half Marathon - Full Marathon
This past weekend (Jan 9-12, 2020) I ran 48.6 miles in 4 days doing the Dopey Challenge during the Walt Disney World Marathon Race Weekend. By far, my greatest physical challenge to date. I was thankful that the courses were lined with volunteers offering clean water to drink every few miles. And when it was all over on Sunday, I was given the opportunity to rest. The Pokot in Kenya are a beautiful group of people who, like millions of others do not have access to clean water. On average, Pokot women and children may walk 6-10 miles a day to fetch water for their village. But the water they are searching for isn't clean. The water they find and bring home in jugs balanced upon their head is dirty, often coming from the same watering holes shared by animals who bathe and relieve themselves in. For these women and children, their walk for water does not end after a long weekend. Their race for water continues indefinitely and without the opportunity to rest.

I run to help change this. I run for Hope Water International (HWI) and am raising funds to build clean water wells in the Pokot communities. Please consider supporting HWI with a donation. Watch the short video and hear part of my own story of why I run (at 3:06) by clicking on the HWI logo at the top of the page.