Campaign: 2021 Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend

Tony, Jess & Madelyn Burg

Well, this training year has been nothing like anyone could have ever expected. Remaining in community has been of utmost importance in keeping me motivated through all the social distancing and quarantine. All the races we had planned have gone virtual, a somewhat sad reminder of this COVID-19 virus, but Lord willing, we will be able to participate in the 2021 Dopey Challenge.
As much as I love running (and eating) I don't do all this for myself- I do it for the women and children in Africa, who walk long distances to get access to water- dirty water that can make them sick, suffer miscarriages and in some cases, lead to death. I'm doing the running, and I'm asking for your support- whether it's financially, training or simply a prayer. Every dollar you give goes to clean water for our brothers and sisters in Africa, and every prayer or thoughtful comment keeps me on mission for the purpose. Together, we can do this- and make a difference!