Campaign: 2020 Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: 2020 Daybreak - Grand Rapids Marathon

Mike & Danielle Emelander

After running the 2019 Grand Rapids Half Marathon we are back at it again for 2020. This year Michael has decided to up his game and run the full Marathon, and I (Danielle) will be running the Half Marathon again.

We started out training for the Half Marathon last year for our personal fitness goals and to help raise money for Hope Water not really knowing 100% what it was all about. After the 2019 training season and race we couldn't imagine not coming back to our Hope Water Family, our Team. We have met so many incredibly wonderful people who have become like family to us. We have seen personal changes in ourselves for the better. We have heard stories and have seen pictures of what our teams dedication has done for the communities in Serra Leone Africa, and look forward to visiting those communities ourselves in the future.