Campaign: 2020 Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: 2020 Daybreak - Grand Rapids Marathon

Jason  Crottie

Community. Through the world of running, I've experienced a Community like none other. We all have experienced a lot so far in 2020. More than I can remember ever and a lot of it hasn't been good. Lots of sickness, death, social injustice, and uncertainty all over the news. However, running with this Community has provided me with a purpose that propels me to change the world! With HWI, we run to provide the most basic of necessities so that others may live, have better quality of life, and experience the love of Christ. Running with purpose motivates me daily to put in the work to raise money, run another marathon, (my third) and build clean water wells in Sierra Leone, Africa . Please partner with me to do a little bit of good for a tremendous Cause.

The Struggle
Each and every day, the doubt is real
It's different for everyone, how does it make you feel?
For some its depression, a significant loss, or lack of confidence
An emotion or physical toll ------ that quiet, dark part of us.

So we continue on, it's part of the day
Questioning/challenging God, "does it really need to part of our way?"
Yet within that doubt there lies a Struggle.
An opportunity for change that's really quite integral.

You see God gives us the choice/the ability to be the change
Whether for ourselves/ for others to make life better, its not always an even exchange.
Jesus, he led by example throughout all time
Songs were song about it, "Leave the 99."

Embrace the Struggle, it can be a great thing
Conquering that doubt will make your soul sing.
God is challenging us................each son and each daughter
For our brothers and sisters in Africa, WE ARE HOPE WATER!