Campaign: 2020 Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: 2020 Daybreak - Grand Rapids Marathon

Tom and Hunter Grubba

Dear Friends and Family,

I am running the Grand Rapids Half Marathon this coming October 18, 2020 with Team Daybreak of Hope Water International. We run, sweat, build community and relationships for the purpose of introducing people to God through the love of Jesus Christ. Every step we take is a simple reminder we do this for people that need our help. Our team goal this year is to impact 10,000 lives in Sierra Leone plus the 100 people that are part of the team.
We do more than just provide clean water, we change lives.
Over 650 million people in the world lack access to clean water. 650 million! That is two times the United States population. When a community gains access to clean water:

• Infant mortality rates drop by half
• Children can attend school instead of gathering water
• Women can care for their families instead of walking to the well
• Crops and livestock thrive

To donate please follow the link:

For check donations:

Make the check out to:

Hope Water International
Put my name on the memo line
Mail the check to:
Hope Water International
3128 Walton Blvd. PMB #245
Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Please pray for me and my teammates as we train through the heat of the summer. We meet every Saturday at Johnson Park at 8 am for our long run of the week. Anyone is free to join us and run any distance that you want to.