Campaign: 2020 Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: 2020 Daybreak - Grand Rapids Marathon

Melodee Harbison

This is my second year running for Hope Water. I am not a natural runner, so this is something way out of my comfort zone. My thoughts are always towards those that have to do much more than I do, just to get dirty water and try to survive. This is my opportunity to help in a small way, reach out to those in continents far away for them to have clean water and to reach them with the message of God. This is an awesome team!!
I have a partner this year and a lady who has been an inspiration to me for many years. Margaret Lam is a true friend. She has lost her husband and been through brutal chemotherapy this past year, and yet she still encourages me. When I grow weary, I remember those with dirty water and my dear friend who has been through so much. She is my mentor, partner, inspiration and I am so glad to have her in my life.
Please reach into your heart and see if this is something that you wish to contribute towards. God bless!!