Campaign: 2020 Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: 2020 Daybreak - Grand Rapids Marathon

Len Null

WHY? You ask. For what reason would you walk/run 8miles on a 90 degree Saturday morining at 7 am.
Answer: Becuse We CAN!. Together we Can make a difference in the lives of people young and old that we will never meet. We can help people less forunate to have access to clean water. The same clean water we take for granite.
I can't imagine walking/running those 8 miles without clean water to drink along the way.
The next time you drink water, what if you had to walk 5 miles to get it and it was so dirty you might get sick from it.
Please team up with us to make a life changing contribution of clean, safe water for the people of Sierra Leone.
Every dollar you give will be matched by a anonymous donor. The difference you make will be doubled.
Thank You so much for your generosity.