Campaign: 2020 MI - North Events
Team: 2020 MI - North

Raquel Malocha

Who wouldn't want CLEAN, FRESH WATER to drink?? We all do, right? Sounds like a trick question. But there are many people all over the world that have to go without clean, fresh water and must walk miles and hours only to find dirty water or no water at all. Those are the people I want to help give HOPE to by bringing clean water wells to their village. To be more specific, these people are the Pokot tribe that live in Northwest Kenya. Although I have not personally been to Kenya to witness such a walk carrying a 5 gallon jug on their head, I have seen the videos/photos and talked personally with friends that have been there.

Will you help me do this...bring HOPE, Clean WATER and a FUTURE to the Pokot tribe in Kenya?
You might ask or be thinking..."How is Raquel doing this for the Pokot Tribe?" Let me give you a short blip about what I am doing to bring hope to Kenya.

This is my 3rd year with Hope Water International-North in Traverse City, MI. What is HWI-North? We are a team (Tribe) of runners and walkers that meet at 7:30am every Saturday morning. We talk about WHY we show up every Saturday...from personal goals (getting in shape, losing weight, etc.), to supporting one another, praying for one another and training together to run a half or full marathon in the fall. By doing so, we bring awareness to our community and grow within our group as a team or what we call a "tribe" here in Traverse City. We are not raising money for personal reasons, such as the event we train for, but rather for the equipment and labor that is required to bring wells to Kenya.

Please consider joining us on this mission - prayerfully, financially, or both!