Campaign: 2020 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2020 MI Eastside - Detroit Marathon

Laurence Arthur

My thanks to anyone who takes a moment to check out what is going on this year working to bring water to those who need it.
Many of us have been impacted in many ways by this year's pandemic, but most of us do not count worrying about our water as part of our lives. But for many, the search for drinkable water is going on every day, every month, and every year. For me, it is all about the kids in the areas that we work to supply water to. I can't imagine being a parent and being in the position of giving my child nasty, dirty, disease-ridden water simply because that is all there is. It isn't even conscious thought for these folks; it is just life. I run to try and help these kids. I run to give them a chance to grow, to learn, and to have fun being kids. I hope you feel led to support me in this in any way you can. If it is monetarily, great; if not, I need all the prayers, good karma, and uplifting thoughts I can get. Thank you.