Campaign: 2020 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2020 Venture - Detroit Marathon

Kathy Close

Why do I run? Why do I run for Hope? This year has been a struggle. It seems like everything is being cancelled. The Detroit Marathon was cancelled. I was not even going to do a fundraising page and just do a personal donation. How can I ask people to donate to others when they struggle themselves? Well... It only makes more sense than EVER to do this now!!!
I run because I washed my hands today. I drank coffee from clean water, flushed my toilet and left my water running just to get warm before getting in my shower. We all have been told to wash our hands to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The Pokot can't do that. They live without clean water. They can't just turn on a faucet and drink clean water. Disease is a way of life. Hope water raises funds to make clean Wells and spread the word that we are ALL children of God without borders. That is why I run for Hope. I'm still going to run my half marathon on October 18th. It may not be in Detroit but still for the purpose intended.
Personally I run for health, fellowship, relief of stress, solitude and renewal. I have encountered so many people through walking, hiking and running. Through the years I have had times where I was injured, broken, strong, fast, slow, unmotivated, motivated and up an down. Just like life running has its ups and downs. When you can't run you walk, when you can't walk you crawl or sometimes others need to "carry you" along the way. Both fellowship with others of and solitude is why I run. I humbly ask you make a monetary donation. Perhaps the cost of a cup of coffee, water bill, soap, shampoo? Whatever is in your heart if you so wish.