Campaign: 2020 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2020 MI Eastside - Detroit Marathon

Dan Dean

It’s been a strange year for sure. I trained early this year enjoying a mild winter in Pittsburgh for what would have been the city’s marathon. Of course Covid changed things up. The big race on my calendar was a SwimRun event in the U.P. But that too was canceled in late July. Since then my training has been spotty at best, and I had no plans to run anything significant. But a trip to NY to see my son’s family had to be canceled due to travel restrictions and on Sunday, October 18 I will run a marathon with many others from team HWI. My body may not be ready, but my mind is. The cause is real as there are no other organizations providing funding for wells for the Pokot in Kenya. The struggles I will endure Sunday are a daily reality for the Pokot in search of water. And they do it with joy as witnessed by those on the team that have traveled to Kenya. I know the needs are great both locally and globally, but it would be awesome, if you can, to make a donation helping to bring clean water to people who have no other means of receiving it.
Thank you!