Campaign: 2020 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2020 MI Eastside - Detroit Marathon

William O'Saile

2020. Need I say more? This has been a year of cancelled or “virtual” dreams for many of us. But one thing hasn’t been cancelled - Hope. The reason I run. To bring the gift of fresh clean water to those that may have never seen clear drinkable water. The bounty of the Living Waters to those who are in need.
While training for our races has been difficult, it doesn’t match the everyday struggle of the Pokot, who will walk miles everyday for unclean water that’s full of disease and would send us to the hospital. Our Hope Water International group raises money by putting ourselves on the trails, treadmills, bike, and swims, pushing ourselves to raise awareness of the need for fresh water and to provide Hope for both those in Africa and those who see us every week on the various trails.
A gift of $25 will provide someone with fresh water for life, when combined with all of the other pledges. (Although any size gift is welcome, in these difficult times.) Thank you, for your time and for considering the gift of Hope.