Campaign: 2020 Other Events

Brittany Michels

2020 is my 9th year raising money for clean water. It’s certainly been an unpredictable year! But, regardless of this year’s surprises and trials, 2020 wouldn’t feel complete without fundraising for Hope Water International. I feel physically and mentally blessed to have the opportunity to run another year for this wonderful cause.

The original plan for the year was to fundraise for my July Indiana trail race but plans very quickly changed with emerging COVID scares and a cancelled race.

With a little over 2 months left of the year & IL races cancelled, I had to start exploring neighboring states for opportunities. While I’ve never had the desire to run a frosty Wisconsin trail race in December lol, a local IL race (called Artic Frog) that I had considered running last year was able to approve a move across the border to keep the race going! Was meant to be :)

Please help me reach my fundraising goal! Every dollar that is raised will get me psyched up to run hours in the snow. Thank you & I appreciate all of the support SO MUCH!

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