Campaign: 2021 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2021 Grumlaw - Detroit Marathon

Michele Semones

We (Megan Semones and Michele Semones) are participating, in some form, at the Detroit Free Press International Marathon this year! We are part of the Hope Water International team and will raise money for wells that provide clean drinking water to the Pokot people in Kenya.

Please help us raise funds for the Pokot! The women, especially, have to walk 4-5 hours a day just to find water. Once they do, it is dirty, muddy and full of diseases. We can't imagine anything worse than having to give kids dirty drinking water. Most times, a well is put in, the government builds a school and then a community is formed. Water truly brings new life and hope to the hopeless…thus the name of our cause, Hope Water. We are doing this for them and it has been a huge blessing to us; building confidence, making new friends, and receiving joy and blessings in making a difference. Please help us in our efforts. GO HOPE!