Campaign: 2021 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2021 Grumlaw - Detroit Marathon

Sandi Magee

Covid19 can't stop us! I was training inside my work downstairs when it was cold outside last year cuz that's how determined I am. Everyone does deserve clean water. Imagine that you don't have clean water. What if your source of water is the same water that wildlife bathe in. My 17 yr old daughter (was 14) was confused and sad because we are surrounded by the Great Lakes and have an abundance of water. We have clean water coming from the taps in our house and our schools. Many of us have pools and access to beaches for leisure. I know there are places in our state that need help as well, however, that's what we are for plus our state and government. These people have nobody but themselves and if they can't even get a "job" because of the culture and lack of water how do you expect them to build a well? What if we were faced with no relief but sickness and despair? What if we had no local schools or doctors because even our country has lost hope? Come on people! I can't even imagine what happened to them last year and this year just because of the pandemic! This is my 6th year now you have to see that I am focused and ready! I am running/walking for a purpose! Help us help them! I even got my husband Eric to start running/walking! He completed multiple 5k's last year and is still going!