Campaign: 2021 General Donations

Robert and Marta-Beth  

We met at Stony Creek In 2012 during the first year of Team Kensington/World Vision Chicago marathon training. We became friends, ran many miles together including the Chicago marathon that year and the Boston marathon in 2014. We also belonged to a small group that included Bible studies and called the Running Family with many of our 2012 teammates and friends. Our relationship has changed in many ways over the years as our relationship with God has matured. From the very beginning of 2012, we both had felt God's calling and in our hearts to help raise money to provide clean water to the children in the Pokot region of Africa. God has blessed us over the years in many ways. Although there was a pandemic, we lived 2 1/2 hours apart, and hadn't seen each other since the Disney marathon in January 2020, God had other plans for us. It was at the Hope Water International virtual Detroit marathon October 18, 2020 that God brought us back together in an amazing way while volunteering at the first water station. Our love has blossomed and in March when we decided we belonged together, it didn't take long for us to pick the Hope Water International Saturday June 19, 2021 group run at Stony Creek Metropark where we met 9 years ago for our wedding venue in front of God and our teammates as witnesses.