Campaign: 2021 Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: 2021 Daybreak

Christopher Smith

It's been years since I've taken responsibility for my health and fitness. About a year ago, I jumped on a scale and it read "250 lbs." I don't know what it was about that number, but it was a wake up call. On top of this, I was starting to get lab results that I had elevated cholesterol with doctor's orders to start exercising. It all confirmed I was trending in the wrong direction and something had to change.

Recently a neighborhood friend helped me get off the couch and discover a passion for running. Through some casual runs together and stretching the distance each time, he unveiled I was capable of much more. He introduced me to Hope Water Daybreak running group, and being around such enthusiastic people has motivated me to run the 2021 Grand Rapids Marathon on October 17. I definitely couldn't train for a marathon by myself, the task is too daunting. My friends at Hope Water, whether they know it or not, are helping me get my life back in order. It shows, together, with others, we are capable of so much more than we are individually.

Since Hope Water is helping me with my personal fight, I would like to join theirs. So today, I plant the Hope Water flag into the ground to help them raise awareness for the need of clean water around the world. Something "simple" we take for granted everyday. Through our fundraising efforts we will help install water wells in African communities in need. Please join me on this journey by donating to my Hope Water fund. If we all take small steps in the same direction, we can all accomplish something much bigger. Thank you for your consideration.

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