Campaign: Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: Daybreak

Emily Kitchen

Last year I sat on the sidelines and watched a friends journey via facebook. I had a lot of respect for what she was doing yet didn't think I could ever complete a 5K let alone a half marathon. Her dedication and success gave me the belief in myself. I am first off doing this for myself, it is a person goal that I am committed to finish. Secondly, I am doing this for my family, to become a better wife and mother. Third, and possibly most important, I am doing this for all the little kids in a small town in Africa who have struggles we in the USA cannot even imagine. When I went to the informational night I heard that in this small town of Sierra Leone only 1 in 5 kids make it to the age of 5. This BROKE my heart. If we lived in Africa all three of my babies could easily not survive. This needs to be changed and fresh water is the first step.