Campaign: 2021 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2021 MI East - Detroit Marathon

Tonia Derr

Water is Life! Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

Why do I keep doing this?

Because our God is big with a big plan, and now because our daughters are following in our footsteps.

I have personally had the opportunity to take two trips to the Pokot region of Kenya and see first hand the ripple effects that water can bring to a community. One of my most memorable moments was getting to be a part of a ceremony celebrating turning over a new well to the community. There was singing and dancing that none of my videos seem to do justice. After each group did their performance, they praised God for each of the benefits that clean water brings. They listed the obvious things like reducing disease, establishing schools, churches and medical facilities and then they listed some things I had never thought of like reducing domestic violence and conflict with bees and other animals over water.

Thank you again for considering donating.