Campaign: 2021 Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: 2021 Daybreak

Scott Flack

I am here once again running in support of clean water for the people of Sierra Leone. I just went to the fridge to fill my water bottle, and I can do that whenever I want. Our friends in Africa still trudge through miles of unsafe conditions to get their water every day.

This struggle for water, in turn, perpetuates the social and economic strife so common in these African communities. Imagine trying to take classes, hold down a job, or simply create something when all your time and effort is spent getting water for your family. There is little chance to gain a foothold when you're stuck in the same loop day after day.

While we make great progress every year and build a few more wells, there is more to be done. If you are willing and able to help, please join me in taking the next step to help out a community in need.