Campaign: 2021 Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: 2021 Daybreak

Chris Huvaere

This will be year #5 for me, Teaming up with the other "Daybreakers", and Hope Water International. A little LIGHT on the training this time around (with not much time to go). I realized that I will be in Milwaukee on "race day", so causing CREATIVITY will be needed here. In the spirit of my commitment to the efforts of this community, I want to figure out a way to pull this off. If I achieve my goal of $1000 raised (it will be MATCHED by an anonymous donor), then I will plan to do my 1/2 marathon IN MILWAUKEE, that Sunday morning (October 17th). If I DON'T get to my goal of $1000 (by October 16th), then I will continue my fund raising efforts and complete my own personal 1/2 Marathon when I reach $1000. The people in Sierra Leone NEED CLEAN WATER, and all of us on the Daybreak Team will continue to raise funds to put as many wells in those villages as we can. The KEY is that we also bring the LIFE GIVING Word of JESUS along with the well, so they will never have to "thirst" again...! THIS is the reason, and MY PURPOSE...! Thank you for your support !

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