Campaign: 2021 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2021 MI East - Detroit Marathon

Adriane Dundon

I am so excited to once again, be running with purpose!! There is something so amazing about being on mission together with others and I would love for you to be a part. I continue to be moved to run for those who are sick and dying due to a lack of something that is essential for life: clean water. So many around the world do not have access to this necessity and this is why I run with Hopewater International: to see lives saved and hope restored by clean water. With every new well, not only are lives saved but schools are built around these wells providing education and resources. Churches spring up teaching the gospel, the importance of community, and the love of Christ, all of which bring hope for a future! With every step and every mile I run, I do it to bring living water, literally and figuratively, to those who so desperately need it. I run to bring HOPE! Please consider joining me in this cause. Whether it be in prayer or by donating, I am grateful and remember, there is no amount too small.. all donations make a difference! Thank you!