Campaign: Other Events

Brittany Michels

The 2017 training season is underway and I'm excited to say that this will be my 6th year raising money for clean water! I've been blessed with an amazing group of cheerleaders and supporters over the years...collectively raising around $12,000! While we've helped provide a very basic need to many of our brothers and sisters, we still have much work to do...and so my fundraising continues.

As many of you know, I made a big life change this year. I moved my comfortable MI life 6 hours away. I'm now north of Chicago and a drive/flight away from my running family and MI Hope Water Project teammates. At the same time as my move, Hope Water International was born. HWI has the same life changing water goals as HWP but was created to allow more individuals, churches and organizations to join/fundraise. They will be able to grow across the nation and impact this water ministry on a completely different level. I will be running my big race this year for Hope Water International.

Hope Water International has a BIG and beautiful vision and so it's only fitting to tip my hat and run a BIG race as my first for this organization. On August 19, the day before my birthday, I will be running my 3rd 100k. The Marquette 100k! I have never fundraised for an ultra but if my dreams don't scare me then they aren't big enough ;) Please consider donating. Thank you!