Campaign: Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: Kensington - Grand Rapids

Kevin DeFrain

In 2013 I was inspired by the story of Ben Reyff and his efforts in running for Hope Water Project. I joined and trained for the Detroit Marathon. During Training I tore my hip cartiliage resulting in missing the run in October and enduring Surgery in November. In 2014 after 14 weeks / 45 visits to the Physical Therapist I trained and eventuallly Ran the Marathon to the Glory of God! I have since gone on to train and run multiple races in 2015/16 including the 2015/16 halfs in Detroit and more recently the 2016/17 Full Marathons at Disney World in Florida..all of these acheivements however exciting and difficult PALE in comparison to the daliy struggle of the Pokot to simply stay ALIVE, being constantly faced with dehydration and disease due to the lack of clean drinking water. ( something many of us in Michigan take for granted ) I run again this year as the work to help The Pokot is not yet done. ( and now I want to also reach those in S. Sudan and Uganda By running for Hope Water INTERNATIONAL ) I run because God has blessed me to live where I do with plentafull water and safe from disease. I run to give clean water , I run to give life , I run that The Pokot may know Jesus "The True water of Life" Please consider donating to help me in my efforts. God Bless You!