Campaign: 2022 MI West
Team: 2022 Daybreak

Michael Gehan

I started with Hope Water last year and ran my first ever Half Marathon. After completing that race and several others in the months that followed (One being another Half Marathon) I have decided to run the full marathon this year! A bucket list item for sure. But the running is only part of it. The other part, the important part, is why we are running. That is to bring clean water to areas in Sierra Leone Africa where they do not have access to it by installing clean water wells.

There are many villages in Sierra Leone that the residents have to walk multiple miles in order to get the nearest body of water, and then bring some back to their village. Not only is the water not even close to being clean, but it is a super dangerous walk. This happens whenever they run out, and they can only carry so much with them. To say that a clean water well installation is a life changer for them is not an exaggeration but a fact! Please consider donating to my fundraiser, any contribution will go a long way in changing the lives of the people in Sierra Leone.

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