Campaign: 2022 MI North
Team: 2022 MI North

Shannon Eno

Clean water access is an essential part of life and one that many of us can take for granted. We use water to drink, clean, and relax in. But access to clean water is something that many of the people living in parts of Africa don't have. They may walk miles daily for dirty water, if they can find water at all. The good news? We can all help! When we provide access to clean water we also help to provide health, safety, and hope to some of the people who need it most.

This "season" I will be running three main races, a half marathon at Cherry Festival in July, the Sleeping Bear Half Marathon October 1st, and my first full marathon Florida in January. Joining with other like minded people from around the country, those running with Hope Water are fundraising towards drilling water wells to bring clean water to the Pokot Tribes in Sierra Leone and Kenya. Every cent I raise will go towards funding a well so please consider donating today. Your gift will help save and change lives and provide true hope!

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