Campaign: 2022 MI North
Team: 2022 MI North

Denise Henderson

This is officially YEAR 2 for me with Hope Water. Last year I began as a dedicated WALKER. My mind and body never entertained the idea of being able to do anything more than that. Then little Miracles began to happen in my life! My heart and mind opened up and I trusted those around me and the LORD above and through their support and encouragement, I actually accomplished the unthinkable . . . I ran a Half Marathon at Sleeping Bear! Even though I know that this is a wonderful accomplishment, I fell short in bringing awareness of our efforts to others and from reaching my fundraising Goals. I have learned so much from this Organization and the beautiful people who form it. I am "in awe" of the caliber of human beings in Hope Water and their dedication to bringing CLEAN Water to those in need. It's something that I (WE) take for granted every day. Clean Water . . . this is a concept that I always considered to be an automatic in life, BUT unfortunately, there are millions of people who do not have this gift available them. This year I plan to GROW even more through my connection with Hope Water. I will continue to share my story and my passion of giving back to the world for all that I am grateful for.

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