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Team: 2022 Daybreak


Hope Water International builds and maintains wells in Sierra Leone, Africa. We live in the Great Lakes State and pretty much take water for granted, however our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone who do not have a well in their village try to exist on a few buckets of dirty water they fill each day. Women in a village without a well spend a good part of their day walking to gather water from a hole or pond that is likely shared with animals. Girls gather water also and do not have time to go to school. When a village receives a well health is improved, women are able to take care of their families and perhaps start a business, and girls can go to school! Clean water is truly life changing.

We have been involved with Hope Water for 6 years in a support role. Our West Michigan Hope Water community has inspired us and we are training for the Grand Rapids 1/2 Marathon on October 16. Neither of us is a runner; we have faith, determination, and the best team to help us move forward.

Would you consider partnering with us to help us achieve our goal?

On behalf of our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone - thank you for your support!

Mark and Marilyn

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