Campaign: 2022 MI North
Team: 2022 MI North

Sara and Larry  Burkett

We are the Burketts. This will be Sara's 3rd year in Hopewater, Larry's 2nd, and LJ and Madelyn's 1st (official). Madelyn started training for the half, until we found out that she will be 7 days too young to sign up for it. Both kids are running the 5k. Both adults are running the half.

This community is amazing. The saturday training runs are the highlights of our week. These are some of our best friends we get to spend time with and get to participate in special events with like the Crystal Lake Team Marathon, North Country Trail Run, Bayshore Marathon, and IRONMAN.

But being with these amazing people are the icing on the cake. The reason we run is for the Pokot people. These ladies work incredibly hard every day to track down and then carry back 40-50 lb jugs of water that is shared with wild animals that think nothing of defecating in it. And they choose to collect this water because thats all they have.

We are incredibly spoiled. We live in a state that borders 4/5 of the worlds largest sources of fresh water on this planet. We have gorgeous, sandy beaches. We live in abundance. We have the privelage of concerning ourselves with those on the margins of society in this country, but these Pokot people live on the margins of survival. They are one broken ankle, one strained wrist, one GI bug away from life and death. Helping them gain access to fresh, CLEAN water changes their society. Their health improves. Children are afforded more opportunity to become educated. Their community grows stronger by learning about Jesus.

Please help us to support these incredible communities with a donation. Every little bit helps. Thank you for supporting us on this journey!

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