Campaign: 2022 MI West
Team: 2022 Daybreak

Todd Sadler

This is my 7th year running 26.2 mile races (Marathons) in support of clean water for Sierra Leone, Africa. Every year I have run a full marathon with an additional 1/2 marathon or two thrown in during the training. This 6 month training program is long, but it is the best part of the process, the community we share as a team is amazing! My teammates are people that are self-sacrificing for the needs of others. This Hope Water Team is helping to change the world of those less fortunate with providing deep drilled clean water wells. We are not just raising money, but changing lives forever in the process! The clean water is saving lives and increasing life expectancy.

Please join me and my awesome HOPE WATER TEAM in making positive change in the world we live in!

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