Campaign: Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: Daybreak

Harvey Elgersma

This will be my second year as a part of Team Daybreak running to raise money for deep clean water wells. Last year there were 81 of us that ran in the Grand Rapids Marathon.We raised enough money to fund 12 wells and provide a clean reliable water source for over 9000 people. I was blessed to be able to go to Sierra Leone with eight of my teammates in the spring of 2017 and visit two of the villages that received these wells. The joy on their faces and the thankfulness that they expressed is hard to describe. One of the villages gave us a goat and a chicken as a way of blessing us with a meal. The gift of a goat is a great honor. We were able to honor the intent when our in country hosts (World Hope International) found someone to prepare a meal for us with it.
Seeing what the gift of clean water does is a huge inspiration for me as I train for and run the Grand Rapids Marathon for the purpose blessing additional individuals with clean water.