Campaign: Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: Kensington - Grand Rapids

The Sera Family

I realize that my ability to run and be active is truly a gift. There are times when I run and I just thank God for legs that move, a heart that beats, and lungs that work. Truly. Because I do not take life for granted.
More recently, I have learned to not take daily sustenance for granted...I.e. water. Very sadly, for some, CLEAN water is something that they do not easily have. So...this is why I thank God that I have legs, a healthy heart, and that I can run to raise awareness for these dear precious Pokot and forgotten people who do not have the basic necessitie of life...WATER.
I would love to have you consider being on this journey with me to change the Pokot and other forgotten people groups lives, by providing clean water.
Thank you so much!