Campaign: Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: Daybreak

Madison  Reister

Water is the foundation of mankind. Water is used everyday by billions of humans. We literally can not survive without water. What I am talking about is not just any old water, it is clean water. Infested,dirty,poisoned water is like the devil. It cause people to become sick, your mind starts to play games with you, it will make you do things you never would have imagined because you just want to survive. So why do we just sit around and let the most kindhearted, loving, generous humans get consumed by this devil water. I am running this half marathon, not for myself but for the humans out there that are being forced to drink the devil because clean water does not live their anymore. I want to bring hope, love, compassion back into everyone's water. We all deserve clean water.
So everyone reading please help me and many others bring clean water by donating any amount available. Thank you and drink clean!