Campaign: Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: Daybreak

Steve Frody

I had an opportunity to go to Sierra Leone Africa in the spring of 2017. I witnessed first hand the joy from the communities receiving a gift of fresh clean water thru water wells. From this point I have joined the Hope Water running team to help raise funds for new wells for clean water. Here is the tricky part that I am not a runner but have been training to run a half marathon Oct 15. I have not run any distance since the 9th grade track team which I was a part of and for only one day with my neighbor. Running has never been on my radar or been a thing I wanted to do but with the goal of fresh clean water for Africa this gives it a total new light and purpose. Would you be able to donate to this great cause and pray too for survival too😊😊? I have never run a 1/2 mile before this summer and now plan to run 13 miles in October.