Campaign: Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: Daybreak

Jerrel Adams

So... last year I took up running...

After 4 months I was up to 6 miles and it came time for our vacation. We went to our usual place, Gull Lake Ministries, which we love. Our schedule determined which week we were able to go, but it was really God who was orchestrating things. You see, our speaker for the week was from Kensington Church and mid-week he showed a video that I could not ignore. A people, called the Pokot, live in a remote area in Africa. The water they exist on is the same water that the animals drink, walk in, and even sometimes relieve themselves in. Can you imagine giving your family a glass of that? Yet, they gather this "water" to survive. Hope Water International partners with runners and bikers to raise funds to build wells for villages in this remote area, and others like it, to bring clean water. I invite you to please watch this video ( which is similar to the one I watched.

So... last year I took up running... At 260 pounds and 45 years of age I get an interest in running (of all things, for crying out loud) and the speaker on my vacation shows a video featuring runners helping people who are in a horrible situation.

Last year I didn't decide to do the half-marathon until about a week before and didn't have time to ask for sponsors. This year I have decided that it is something I will do. The Pokot people still need help, their communities still struggle for clean water. We can help. Please watch the video ( and then prayerfully consider sponsoring me with a donation of any size. Thank you.