Campaign: Detroit Marathon
Team: Venture - Detroit

Liz Snoblen

I've never been a runner... Never liked running. So why run? Why torture my body, dedicate precious time to training, buy expensive tennis shoes and workout clothes? Well let me tell you why. It started with the Pokot. They provided the inspiration. So I joined the team to raise money and awareness for these forgotten people who don't even have the basic necessity that we all take for granted - water. We turn on the tap and almost instantly our glass is full of drinkable water. The Pokot need to walk hours to get water that is polluted and filled with disease. I wanted to support the effort to bring water to these people but also the word of God. But now, I don't run just for them. I run for all of you. I run to show you that when you put your life into God's hands - anything is possible. I run because God gives me the strength to endure the knee pain and the fatigued muscles. He frees up time in my schedule to allow me to train and provides me with the resources to pay for the training materials that I need to fulfill this mission. I run " finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the good news of God's grade. - Acts 20:24 NIV. It is not by own strength that I run, but by God's grace and this race is my testimony.