Campaign: 25th Anniversary Walt Disney World® Marathon
Team: Kensington - Disney

Lynn Bergstrom

This will be my 4th year to participate in the Disney Half Marathon. I must admit, that as the sign up date approached for 2018, I was so unsure if I really wanted to do this again. My back, feet and legs were telling my head NO don't do this to us again. My head said, along with my husband Dan, the discipline is so good for you. A very selfish motive, but true.
My heart won out when it said how can you say no to those who don't have that choice. For them its literally walk or die.
I'm asking each one of you to say yes along with me by giving $50 or what ever you can to support my efforts.
Each step by me and dollar by you will enable us to change lives. by bringing fresh water and hope to the Pokot people.
Thank you for your help.
Lynn and the Orlando Kensington Disney Team