Campaign: Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: Kensington - Grand Rapids

Amy Orth

Thanks for visiting my page! If you are considering donating to Hope Water, let me tell you what your donation for Hope means to the Pokot (Kenya/Uganda/S. Sudan). Access to clean water means:

-Women/children no longer spend their days in search of contaminated water
-Water is no longer a source of death and disease
-Miscarriages are drastically reduced, if not eliminated
-Typhoid and other bacterial diseases disappear
-Back and neck problems are resolved in women (no more jerrycans!)
-Government sends teachers to wells
-Children are educated and can PLAY
-Churches form where God's love is realized & the marginalized are cared for
-Men & women are educated against traditional practices like mutilation
-People no longer live nomadically, but community forms and flourishes
-Livestock and animals (livelihoods) are sustained

Simply put, clean water means HOPE.

That's where you come in if you want to- all of the crazy miles I promise to put in for endurance events like the Grand Rapids Marathon mean nothing if I'm not partnered with wonderful people like you who actually jumpstart the change. Any donation helps us towards bringing water and life to the million Pokot just across the Atlantic. Thank you for blessing me and my family in Africa- I can tell you that they love you and you are the answer to their prayers!