Campaign: 2018 Bayshore Marathon

Elizabeth Edson

I began running as a way to maintain my weight and health after graduating from high school. I hated running, but it provided an "easy" way to burn calories and gave me a stress outlet when college and life became tough. As the years have gone by I have realized running has become much than a way to exercise, but it has given me a way to push myself, believe in myself, and do more than I would have thought possible. I run because I can. This may not mean I run fast, far, or even enjoy it all the time, but I am always grateful for the ability to get out and enjoy what God has created! I was asked by a friend to help support this organization by fundraising to provide water to those less fortunate and in need. I couldn't think of a better way to put some of the sweat, tears, and many blisters to use than to join this organization in hopes that my family and friends will also see the value in donating to those in need to something we all take for granted...water!