Campaign: 2018 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2018 Venture - Detroit

Ryan  Parker

Hi all, the reason I am running the Hope Water International again, Is I honestly believe that all people groups, regard less of race, religion or gender deserves clean, fresh and natural water. True is Water is life. We cannot live productive, focused and goal driven lives If we don't regularly drink, bathe or use clean water. Igniter reason I personally to lace and run crazy amount of miles on a daily and weekly basic is the Pokot people also have a chance to heard the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ. I run knowing that this overlooked people grip by the United Nations are going to get physical and spiritual water with the help of your donations, I honestly don't think their is a more awesome cause to run for. I had a experience I will never forgot last year from training to race day and I can't wait for the journey ahead this year.