Campaign: Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: Kensington - Grand Rapids

Jennifer Waechter

"What Hope Means to Me" shared at at a group run July 15, 2017

A few weeks ago, I took a blurry picture at a group run, just to fool around with my camera. You might remember seeing it – it’s just a strip of focused pavement and the rest of the image is out of focus. I went home and posted it to facebook with words that have never crossed my mind before:

Hope is the sliver of clarity in the midst of something greater than ourselves.

I visited the Pokot in 2015 as part of a trip to support the women, conduct training and support them in their anti-FGM movement. The trip was powerful and uplifting and we got to see a lot of success that’s come out of access to clean water. However, toward the end of our trip, we made as short drive from Kodich children’s home to what might be called a village, but seemed more like a “compound” to me. There were a few huts, clearly men were living with multiple wives, the kids were sick, and many of them only partially dressed, and worst of all they lived right with their livestock and the children were barefoot among the animal droppings that littered the ground.

After our visit, the people asked us to pray for them. They asked us to pray for a church, and here’s the part God wants us all to hear, because they knew that God would make it rain. They didn’t ask us to pray for water or rain or anything like that. When we visited them, it had not rained in the Pokot for six months. This community had at least a five mile walk to water each day, and we were told the geologist cannot even find a place for a bore hole to bring even a fraction of the needed water. Yet their hope was on the sliver of a promise that it would eventually rain.

It will eventually rain for all of us in whatever drought we’re facing. That is the HOPE that God wants us to cling to. Our hope is in Him, no matter how little our human brain can grasp when what we need or want seems so impossible or out of reach. Hope is courage and strength, not a wish, and definitely not whimsy. It’s leaning in to God when you can only see a sliver of possibility.

Romans 15:13: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.