Campaign: 2018 Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: Daybreak - Grand Rapids

Jason Albright

This is my 3rd year being involved with Hope Water. Let me start out by saying that my absolute least favorite thing to do, is to go for a run. But why do I continue to run and train so much for these half-marathons? Because I believe so strongly in Hope Water and our purpose! Our purpose is to provide hope to communities—one clean water well at a time. Water is the most basic necessity of life; the lack of it is standing between millions of people and their health, safety, and the opportunity to unlock their true potential. Access to clean water is foundational to the development of any community. It restores hope and unlocks potential, bringing life back to a community by not only saving lives but creating a life. With each well, communities are strengthened and villages grow, health is restored, lives are saved, and thousands of people hear the Gospel for the first time.

All it took was for me (and my fellow teammates) to step out of our comfort zone and run. Now we can`t do this all by ourselves, we need your help too. We need a positive support staff of family /friends to step out of their comfort zones and support us with prayers, by coming out to cheer us on, and mostly by donating to this worthy cause. I want to thank you for supporting me in this journey!