Campaign: Detroit Marathon
Team: Venture - Detroit

Team Anderson

My Family and I have been going to Venture for about a year now and absolutely love it. When the whole running a half marathon was brought up one Sunday I laughed and thought to myself I could never do that. Then Hope Water International took the stage and convinced me that its not just a half marathon, its not just running for a cause, its a calling. A calling to do something that cant be done but needs and WILL be done. Water is something we take for granted. Thirsty? Go get a drink from a drinking fountain, the tap, buy a bottle of CLEAN filtered water. While our brother and sisters in Africa drink from the river filled with diseases and bacteria. With your donation you're not just helping build a well for them to get clean water for drinking, bathing or cooking. You're bring them life and the freedom to worry not about where they will get their next clean drink of water from but the strength and courage to go to school, better themselves and their community. God has a plan for each and everyone of us. Will you help make their road a little healthier?