Campaign: 2018 Sleeping Bear Marathon
Team: MI North - Sleeping Bear

Gloria Coles

After traveling to Tanzania in 2017 and experiencing a Maasai Village and passing through many rural villages, I came away seeing the lack of a clean water source for so many. I thought : " If there is one thing I could do to help in the world it would be to bring clean water to these people." Mostly women and children walk miles each day to bring water to their family for drinking, cooking, washing clothes, and bathing. Often that water source is shared with animals, both domestic and wild. Think what a difference a village well, with clean water, would make for so many in these poor rural areas of Africa!
Meeting one of my team mates in an exercise class at the local YMCA introduced me to the amazing things Hope Water International is doing for the people of Africa, and has provided me with a way to fulfill that desire I had as I returned from Tanzania. I feel this is just the beginning of a way to help out through one of my great pleasures in life, walking. Walking for Clean Water!