Campaign: Detroit Marathon

The Pascua Family 

Last month, I completed my main fundraiser, the Assenmacher 100 mile bike ride. Today, I am now committed to running my first Half Marathon in Detroit this October. For those that know me, I am by far not a runner (that is why I normally ride a bike), however, the calling to help in those in need is far beyond my wants and my needs. I am blessed with health and the ability to run so I am doing this run for the current and future men, women and children of the Pokot. Without water, there is no future for them.

With your support, we can help provide financial resources and awareness to provide our Pokot neighbors in Africa with water wells to provide them with clean water. The Pokot people will walk miles to access dirty water to bring home to their family to drink and cook with - this is the same water that is shared by animals and often is diseased ridden or contaminated. It is the only water available - they have little choice but to drink it. As a result, dysentery and death is common for many of the Pokot people. Without this basic need of life, there is little hope...

The donation funds can provide water wells to be installed near these communities - clean water deep in the ground that will be accessed by hundreds of people. Water brings life; Life brings hope; Hope brings faith - Faith in a better life and Faith to bring all of God's children together.