Campaign: 2018 Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: Daybreak - Grand Rapids

Erik Bowersox

This is the 2nd year I'm running the half marathon to bring clean water and the gospel to people in need in Africa. I remember running with Steve Frody last year on an 8 mile training run, we were probably about a mile from the end of the run and incredibly thirsty when what we were out there trying to accomplish really sunk in. We had been drinking our choice of water or gatorade at the various aid stations setup with little thought about how easy and accessible it was. Being a mile from the end, baking in the sun, with no water available until we got there really made us think about people in Africa who have to make miles long treks through dangerous territory just to get disease filled water you wouldn't even let your dog drink. All of the longs run are worth it when we finally hit the finish line and get the final numbers, not miles we ran during the summer, but rather how many wells we're going to be able to put in over the next year and how many lives will be transformed.