Campaign: 2018 Sleeping Bear Marathon
Team: MI North - Sleeping Bear

Raquel Malocha

Hi friends and family! I am running a half marathon this fall to bring awareness to this great cause. I was introduced to Hope Water by a dear friend (Carol Brown) in December 2017. Carol explained to me how women and children in Africa are walking for miles every day to find water, and when they do find water, it’s filthy. Hope Water has been drilling wells since 2013 to provide clean water, which is life changing. Your donation to Hope Water is an investment for the future: it gives health back to babies, gives children the opportunity to go to school, and gives hope to mothers for a brighter future for their families. For just $15-$25, you can provide clean water to one person FOR LIFE! My HOPE and goal is to bring awareness of the Pokot's need for CLEAN water so they may thrive just as we do on a daily basis. Please take a moment to help support our team in spreading well at a time.