Campaign: 2019 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2019 MI East - Detroit

Jennifer Bahorski

Dearest Friends and Family-

My journey continues with Hope Water International as Spring brings new life, better weather and the resolve to live out the 6 C's of Significance. In that effort, I am helping raise money for clean water in Africa- which in turn, brings life to others.

1- Cause- it's good to have something you believe in... something that isn't all about you. Don't get me wrong--- I'm super selfish. I love being in shape, I love being around friends and I love the pride of accomplishing something. Those things are all about me, though. HWI gives me the opportunity to be about something that helps OTHERS.

2. Community- " Where two or more gather in My Name, I am there"- we all know where that came from. This community reminds me that together, iron sharpens iron.
The strength of others inspires me.

3. Connected- the transparency with which I run is like being actually CLEAR. Yup-- that's right. You can see right past the outside and straight into the inside. There's something about running that connects me with others. The physical aspect of having to focus on your body seems to strip away all other energy that is given towards the pretenses we walk around with in our daily lives. I am just me, and I let it all out. IF you run with me I will probably tell you all my secrets. It's so liberating to invest in others and have them listen to your REAL life while you're running.

4. Conditioning- physical discipline really transfers to all areas of my life. I am lazy at heart...that's the truth. I think we all are to an extent...but it's how we fight against the " I don't want to" in our brains that mitigates our laziness. With HWI, my mind says " I don't want to, but I can and I should and I will"....and not just with running.

5. Church - Our group doesn't hold a church service during our group runs, BUT we do pray before we start. I can't say enough about how much I am grounded by these words.

6. Christ- Well, He gave it all so I can at least give something. 'Nuff said.

HWI helps us all feel more significant as we move on our journey. I hope you can be a part of mine AND the people in Africa who will receive NEW LIFE because of your donation. Well, I will also give you a shout -out on Facebook and that's worth something these days. :) ( j/k)